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Paint a Piece Workshop

$105 — 3- 4 hrs

If you are interested in painting your own piece, but don’t know where to start, this workshop is for you. Bring a chair or small furniture item (end table, nightstand, shelf, mirror, several drawers to a larger piece, several cabinet doors from a cabinet project ).


  • choose the piece you’d like to finish
  • confirm that it meets size requirements
  • choose your finish (highly advised to choose prior to arrival)
  • clean your piece before arrival – surface must be dirt, grime and wax free. If you are suspicious of wax residue, wipe your piece down with mineral spirits, when dry wipe with damp cloth to clear away any residue.
  • remove any hardware (bring it along in case its worthy of a refinish)
  • if your piece has wiggles or boo boos, paint wont fix those, so fix it before or love the wiggles and boo boos after

Pieces OVER 24 inches need preapproval or you will not finish your whole piece.  This is very important, and will be adhered to.  We are continually faced with pieces that are too large to complete in one evening,  and every single time it is these attendees that will say out loud ‘I wish I would have brought something smaller’…  Not only will you be frustrated, you’ll create tension for the whole class.   So heres the deal IF you choose to STILL bring something too big (because no matter how many times we put it in writing, folks will still play by their own rules): you will be limited in finish selections which is no fun,  you will not get as much out of the class, you will not have the time to hone and finesse your finish,  you will not finish your piece, you will not enjoy other’s finishes rolling out,  and you’ll probably not like your final creation all that much.

PICK A FINISH: we have over 300 displayed sample finishes and finished furniture pieces in our showroom, to inspire you. Choose Chalk/Clay Paint single or layered color, Caromal Colour single or layered color, Chalk-Clay/Caromal Colour combo, Cottage Paint single or layered color, Botanical single or layered color, or one of our Metallic Finishes.  Stenciling is included (not dimensional).

NOTE: we do not do more involved finishes like foiling, gilding, wood graining, dimensional or plastering techniques in this workshop.

Pick your finish prior to arrival, or arrive 1/2 hour prior to class for finish selection.   If you schedule a Saturday morning class doors will open 15 mins prior to class time, if you are unsure what color/s you are going to want it would be wise to visit the store PRIOR to arrival.



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