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Glazing Cabinets Workshop

$45 — 1 hour (10% product voucher)

You’ve got the painting part down pat, but you’re a little hesitant with glazing. If you would feel more confident having some guidance as you begin, then this class is for you.

Bring up to 2 NEWLY PAINTED cabinet doors to glaze. You will glaze one side of each door.

NOTE: The Painting Cabinets Workshop is NOT required to take this workshop. If you have worked with our paints before and choose to paint your doors at home – awesome, just be sure your doors are completely dry (Reclaim dry at least 5 days) prior to class. If you are painting with APC Chalk/Clay paint you will need to have one coat of APC Topcoat Finish applied to your painted doors at least 2 days prior to class.


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