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In early 2018 my business transitioned, actually full circle back to kindof where it all started – out of my house.   The customers that shopped the brick/mortar store but took their first workshop at my personal residence in Shelby Township are my long standing homies. Early workshops were very basic, and based off one of the FIRST companies – Caromal Colours –  that entered the market with reputable DO IT YOURSELF paint products that literally stuck to anything and everything without sanding or stripping.

Caromal Colours roots were in custom faux finishing products, having run a professional faux finishing school for some years.   My business started with custom faux finishing and its what lead me to my longstanding relationship with them.  In those early years of Fabulous Finishes, I’d travel to various finishing schools, for a week at a time,  and learn new methods, or a new product line.

I’d arrive home with a heavy box of sample boards, and recipes on how to recreate the finishes, but most often I’d never repeat that finish I’d learned.   Instead, it would get the cogs turning in my head, and I’d sit in my basement workshop every night and play with paint, with texture , plasters, additives, tints – seeing what would happen if I used this tool or that, if I layered this way or that…  and each time I created a sample board (think poster board) I would number it…  I was nearing the thousand mark of finish samples when my business married the DIY sect –

The brick and mortar store in Shelby Township happened only because God was my driver. The good?  I became aware of how blessed I was, and how awesome He is.  I won’t lie,  having all that space to play and create and hold workshops, was like candy to a child… I’m still settling in to my new space back at home, and it’s an adjustment to say the least.

But just as seasons change, life does too.  It holds no guarantees – each day/hour/minute is unique –  I only know that wrapping up the storefront portion of my business was necessary.  The overhead of a retail business is burdensome and wore heavy on me at a times… with my type business you just had to dig deeper, and invest more time/efforts to stay ahead of the rest.   I think, over time, it just wore me out.

My point in rehashing this is this – there is never a day that goes by that I am not grateful for the creative thinking that God has blessed me with.   IT will never go away.  It is merely taking a nap (lol)…  My time and efforts right now are geared to getting my online store up to date accurate, adding new items, ridding old,  and most important putting everything away.

  I’m not going anywhere.  I live a mile down the road from the ol’ store.  I’ve got a bazillion ideas from signing out sample boards, to personalized 15 minute help sessions on facetime.   I’ve been invited to other venues to host workshops, which I may consider  – but I feel my direction is meant to be more geared toward giving back…  I would love to come up with small group Customized Workshops at my home studio, and have it somehow benefit those of need.   There lies my intent.   I’ve got to think it out….

Stay tuned.






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