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Shipping & Delivery

Our shipping rate table is based on industry standards for our products.  We at Fabulous Finishes take pride in the FACT that any overcharges in shipping will be credited back to our customers original form of payment.  We have followed this policy for the last seven years, and we are proud of that.   We are not out to make money on shipping.

What does this mean?  Say you order several quarts of paint, a couple brushes, maybe an accessory, and the shipping applied to the cart is $14.50.  We pack your order up  print the postage and your shipping is $10.20.  We will go back into your order and credit back your payment $4, as a shipping overpayment credit.     I will say this,  there are times where I get behind in issuing credits,  it may be a week even two, but most often it is within the first 48 hours.  Just stating this so you know, of course if you have any questions about a credit  you can contact me at

INTERNATIONAL ORDERS:   We require International Orders to pay for the order portion up front, we will pack your order , calculate shipping and send you the shipping cost options.  You choose how you want to proceed, we collect payment for shipping, and then ship the package.

LOCAL PICKUP ORDERS:   For our customers that choose to forego shipping charges and pick up local, we will pack your order and contact you when it is boxed and ready for pickup.   Typically this will be same day/next day.    On occasion,  if time warrants and your address is in proximity to our daily transit, we will alert you and drop your package at your front door.   We have even done this for orders where customers paid for shipping, in those cases we delivered their package and credited back shipping charges.

Fabulous Finishes Paint Studio ships merchandise to locations within the United States and International.   All packages are shipping insured.  The risk of loss and title for all merchandise ordered on this Web site pass to you when the merchandise is delivered to the shipping carrier.

Upon check out, if you need a color chart for a specific product line, please add a request in the special instructions, and we will include it with your order. Dismiss