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Watertown Brass Metallic Foil


Decorative Metallic Foils, a collection of twelve patterned foils that offer a variety of elegant, patterned metallic finishes. Foils are sold a minimum 1 ft by 2 ft.

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Foils can be applied over any flat, satin, or semi gloss paint. For maximum release of your foil we recommend a satin base coat or sealed (topcoat) chalk/clay paint, applied over a clean surface. Before foiling make sure your basecoat is thoroughly dry/cured.

For depth and uniformity, start with a basecoat the same or slightly darker than your foil.

For contrast, basecoat with a complimentary color.


You can roll or brush the size onto your surface. The lower the nap of the roller (1/4 inch is nice) the more even your size will level out.

We like to use Sticky Size, by Caromal Colours. Sticky Size is WATER BASED and has almost no odor to it and is cold water clean up. The size will look milky when first applied but dries clear as it tacks up, usually in 15-20 minutes. Once the size sets up clear, it will remain tacky enough to accept a foil transfer for up to a few hours, depending on humidity and type of foil used (some release quickly, others won’t transfer 100%). For the best working time, especially on a large surface, apply two thin layers of size, let each layer dry.


To transfer your metallic foil onto your sized surface, you will start with SHINY SIDE UP . With a firm, hard, even pressure, rub the foil onto the tacky size, scrub with your scrubber brush (short bristle, nylon scrub brushes) , and then remove the backing. The foils do not usually transfer 100% to your surface. Expect 75 % to 95% transfer.

You can transfer as large or as small a piece of foil as you want. If its your first time using foils, its best to practice first. Depending on how you apply – smooth or crumpled up, scraped with rough brush or rubbed with a rag – will determine the results of your foil transfer. To avoid seeing hard edge lines on your surface, do no press/scrub near the hard edges of your foil sheet. Once you’ve scrubbed a section you can peek beneath to see if you are satisfied with the release. If not, put the foil back down and scrub some more. When you like your coverage, lift that piece and lay it back down in another area that needs some – you can keep re-using your sheet until you see that most of the foil has been transferred.


Once the foil is transferred it needs no sealer before glazing, painting/stenciling on , etc. The Watertown Brass Metallic Foil will accept any water or oil based products – I like to use APC’s waxes over top, they provide a soft sheen and feel, removing any last bit of tackiness you might feel from the size.

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