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Topcoat Finish (4 oz)

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APC Top Coat is quick and easy to apply, with excellent weathering, high bond ability, and fast drying times. Use this non-toxic liquid sealer as a durable protectant and for a shinier furniture finish.   Apply over painted surfaces in a thin, even coat with a fine brush, foam brush or foam roller. Product goes on clear, spread the Top Coat with a brush until a clear thin layer appears to be applied.   Product goes a long way.   Shake well before use.

4 ounce Single project


Ingredients: Water, silicic acid, alcohol ester, surfactant, and preservative.

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Topcoat Finish is a durable topcoat. Stir well before use. It should be applied over painted surfaces in a thin, even coat with a fine brush, foam brush, or foam roller. For an even harder finish, a second coat can be applied after approximately 6 hours, dependent on weather conditions. This product requires several days to fully cure. Freshly finished surfaces should be kept free of moisture and heavy objects. Heavy use should be avoided for a week or so. Topcoat Finish may be diluted 50/50 with water for use on areas not receiving daily abuse.


  • Topcoat Clear is a durable topcoat, recommended for table tops, cabinets, chairs and highly used surfaces. Stir well before use.
  • No need to dilute, this topcoat brushes out like water! One coat is sufficient for a sealed paint surface, 2 coats recommended for higher use, 3 coats for cabinets. If you want a more matte sheen add25% water to the top coat and just apply two coats
  • Apply with a good soft, brush can also be applied with a velour roller.
  • Apply over painted surfaces in a thin, even coat. It will soak into pain and dry to a satin sheen
  • You can apply over your clay/chalk/mineral base paint in as little as 2-4 hours before reapplying
  • When your finish is dry you are done! You can use brown Kraft bags to lightly buff your surface-you can also lightly buffer it with a little clear wax-it will give your painted sealed surface a lovely glow and more natural feel
  • DO NOT APPLY TOPCOAT OVER WAX. Topcoat is usually used in place of wax – however, you can lightly buff with a little Clear wax after you Topcoat.
  • The Topcoat Finish bottle has a white film around the rim-it is natural and most often will brush out in application, if not, just flick it off. Its natural!

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