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Dollar Bill


Gray-green. Self priming, no sanding or stripping necessary. One to two coats generally give complete coverage. Seal w/wax or topcoat finish. Clean up is fast with warm soapy water.






Dollar Bill- a Gray-Green

• American Paint Co is an all-natural, zero voc, no acrylic co polymers, no fungicide, no athylene glycol, ecofriendly, green, DIY paint company. They have been manufacturing paint for the residential and commercial markets for over 25 years.
• The paint and topcoats are non-toxic with no odor so you can paint inside. Our paints are mineral based- CLAY, PORCELAIN CLAY, and CHALK, blended into a water-based solution. It has a creamy consistency when painting.
• Make sure your surface is clean of grease, wax and dirt. You can use any mild grease cutting cleaning agent, but STAY AWAY FROM Murphy’s Oil. If your piece has a wax finish, clean first with denatured alcohol, mineral spirits or straight white vinegar, then proceed with your mild cleaner.
• The paint is self-priming with superior adhesion, meaning that most surfaces won’t require a prep coat of primer prior to painting. One or two coats gives complete coverage.
• Some woods have oils that will bleed through ANY paint; If you notice a bleed through your paint after the first coat, spot prime it before reapplying
• You will want to seal your place with a wax or a more durable Topcoat finish
• The clear Wax has NO odor, is non-streaking and made from insect and plant sources. It is a non-petroleum based natural wax. It is offered in Clear and Vintage Dark.
• The Topcoat Finish is a weather resistant finish that offers a harder, more durable finish for painted surfaces.
• You can mix the paints together to create your own colors. You can add water to thin the paints, crate a ‘wash’ effect. You can add pigments to the paint (and to the clear wax)- a great way to create new colors.
• All products are soap and water cleanup – for wax brushes add a little drop of laundry detergent, it will take away the waxy feel left behind.

How we like to use our PAINTS –
• Start with a clean piece. Vigorously shake the can for 1-2 minutes and stir thoroughly.
• Pour the paint you’ll use into a working container – we don’t recommend working out of the can as it will contaminate the natural paint.
• With a natural bristle brush apply one coat of paint. For a cleaner finish brush in the same direction. Allow 2-4 hours to dry
• Wet paint is darker, paint will dry lighter, but your topcoat will bring most of the color back
• Apply a second coat, if needed. When applying a second coat you may want to keep a bowl of water handy. Brush the paint onto your surface then dip your brush tips into the water and re-brush back into your paint. You will find the water helps glide your paint around and you will use way less, almost a wash. I only use-water on the second coat. Second coat will dry quickly.
• You can distress you rpiece using a damp (not wet) rag, or you can use a fine grit (180-220) sand paper. Try both, they give different effects.
• Sanding is not required but will give your surface a more refined look and feel. Sanding all your flat surfaces is a great way to remove heavier brush marks.
• You can layer colors, say blue first coat and white second coat, and when you sand or wipe back you will reveal the under color.
• You can crack the paint by using school glue! – Watch the video ‘how to’ on YouTube- search for ‘Fabulous Finishes Crackle’.
• Topcoat with Wax for a furniture finish or APC Topcoat Finish for a more durable finish.
• Wipe the rim of your can or jar well before closing, or the paint will dry hard on the threads and it will be difficult to open.
• For thicker paint, let it sit out a bit without the lid on. For thinner paint, add some water – just mix it in a separate container so as not to contaminate the original formula.
• The paint dries quickly but it takes at least 30 days to fully cure. If you are doing a large surface, use caution to place anything heavy on it for at least 1-2 weeks.

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Weight 3.0 oz
Dimensions 4.0 x 4.0 x 6.0 in
Container Size:

4 oz Sampler, Quart


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