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I <3 stencils, as you probably can tell from the furniture I paint. If I'm not using them on drawer fronts, or on the sides, or as an allover, then you'll probably find something inside the drawers, or on the side of a drawer. I love stenciling crazy random things on the backs of pieces, and have even stenciled heartfelt messages on the bottoms of furniture. It's just an easy way I've found to personalize the pieces I complete. Think outside the box - most often a single stencil can be used in more ways than one. Use part of the pattern, or just one element. Turn it upside down, or backward, chain several together - the options are many. Several of the stencils we offer are OVERSIZED. If you see the OVERSIZED button, it may require additional shipping, which will not show in the original purchase (the computer can not calculate what will ship in what size box.) Depending on what you order with the stencil, if we have to ship in multiple boxes, we will contact you beforehand, and alert you to any extra ship charges.

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