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About Patty , Owner/Artist

croppedmug1115Hi, my name is Patty Henning. I  am a decorative artist, and owner of Fabulous Finishes, a business I started back in 2003.   I am a Regional Director for Caromal Colours Paints, and Metro Detroit’s Retailer for American Paint Company Chalk Mineral Clay Paints,  both awesome  decorative finishing products designed for the DO IT YOURSELF client.

I love my job –  for 8 years I got to create awesome finishes and hang off ladders transforming client’s walls and ceilings and trimwork,  now my passion shifts and I run my Retail Studio, sharing my creative expertise with those that want to tackle some of  their own projects.

Much of what  I do is not easy DiY stuff -it comes from years of training,  working with proprietary products, and honing a talent after years of  ‘on-wall’ experience.    But the Caromal Colours and American Paint Company paints   ARE easy enough to use, without years of training. They were created with the intent of making painting FUN for the homeowner.

Proven products.  Durable products.  EASY products.  Green products.    And they are addicting!

Opening a retail store  has been more work than I ever could have imagined.  Heck maybe if I knew ahead of time I wouldn’t have pushed forward!   I am so blessed, I meet amazing people every day that are excited about painting.  I am reaching not only cyberspace readers wanting help and ideas through my blog,  but also local Metro Detroiter’s that never had a clue these paints existed.

I fully stock both lines of paint, and I teach and direct those that want to paint.   Even better?   The store has allowed me to transfer my creative passion to furniture and accessory items.  Repurposing, restoring, making use of what we have, wasting less…    I get to create awesome finishes,  and use those finishes to inspire others.   Of course, everything is available for purchase,  so as things sell off the floor, it opens me up to create new original pieces – what a blessing for an artist!

My world has changed so much these last few years … I know I am not alone.  What I’ve found this last year?   So many lives have changed,  we are all in this together.  I want to share when I can –  things I see, feel, and think …. teenagers, balancing home life and work,  50 and beyond,   being creative,  I hope you’ll follow along!

My life is nothing without God by my side – I thank Him for all the blessings I have received,  this is through Him Amen!